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Welcome to the BroadWorld, LLC. Broadworld is a provider of customized business applications in the areas of commerce, content management, and collaboration.

Broadworld provides world class synchronization and wireless services.

NOTE to Companionlink Users:
Broadworld Wireless Services manages Companionlink Software's wireless synchronization services. If you have noticed a charge on your credit card for $9.95 coming from Broadworld, it is because you've signed up for the Companionlink Wireless Synchronization or Deja Desktop service. Broadworld provides the backend wireless and billing for Companionlink. For question regarding your subscription, please contact Companionlink at 503-243-5200 or you can go to for more information.

Broadworld is pleased to announce the launch of Broadworld's Wine eCommerce solution, a commerce and content management application geared towards the needs and requirements of wineries and vineyards. Broadworld's Wine eCommerce solution has a sophisticated yet easy to use web based content management system (cms), a product catalog/category manager, promotional coupon manager, an email list manager, and an order management system. With Broadworld's eCommerce solution, your visitors remain on your site throughout the entire shopping process, rather than the inferior solution so many wine sites are using where their customers are sent to a 3rd party shopping cart site. With our content management system, you or your designers can upload new content from anywhere via a web browser. Broadworld's eCommerce solution offers wine industry specific features such as no-ship states and zip codes as well as custom shipping and tax policies. Integration to New Vine Logistics makes passing orders from your site to their system extremely simple. Integration with Verisign and allows for flexible payment systems. To see Broadworld Wine eCommerce in action, please visit Chardonnay Vineyards.

Broadworld's SimpleCMSTM Content Management Platform Broadworld's SimpleCMS content management platform allows your business to create web pages when and where you want. Whether your in the office or around the world, you can build pages and upload images via our intuitive web based interface, with our optional WYSIWYG editor (requires IE 5.5 or higher on PC), you can see exactly what you're creating while you're creating it! SimpleCMS offers both include files and template pages, so you can create small html elements and integrate them in a single page like the professionals do without any programming.
SimpleCMS provides user management and access control lists, so you can specify pages you want only certain groups to review. SimpleCMS runs on any PC with Microsoft .NET services installed, and can use either Microsoft Access or SQL Server as the database engine. Since you code the HTML pages, your visitors can view it on any platform that your HTML conforms to. SimpleCMS also allows for the creation of sophisticated navigation systems that can link pages together without any programming. For more information, email

Application Expertise Microsoft .NET applications, Web Services including SOAP and XML, Visual Basic, C#, Java, SQL Server, and Client Server application development.

Internet And Commerce Custom built web sites built using industry standard Active Server Pages, SQL Server, Java, XML, and Visual Basic.

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